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Posted by QB on September 19, 2006

Voice of reason and wisdom. Will write his analysis of Iran and US nuclear issue.

This interview was conducted by CNN Senior National Correspondent John Roberts on Anderson 360 last night.

John asked Brzezinsky about the consequences of Iran war.

Brzezinsky reponse. “I think it would be devastating. First of all, we are rather stuck in Iraq. That would compound the problem. The Iranians can respond by making life for us much more miserable than Iraq. They can destabilize Afghanistan. They can let loose Hezbollah. They can precipitate disruption of the flow of oil through the Strait of Hormouse (ph). They can cut their own production.”

Read my analysis on US invasion of Iran or even air strike writen previous month and I had the same analysis.

John ask Brzezinsky about the chances of US and Iran relations will be repaired.

Bzezinsky reply. “Absolutely. I think there is for several reasons. We need each other. And we can be a force for good in the Middle East if we pursue intelligent policies, really try to settle the Israeli- Palestinian conflict, which both peoples need. Get out of Iraq in some fashion, and to deal with Iran as a serious player in the region. Try to understand their security concerns, try to make them understand ours.”

Conservation will come out and start labeling Bzezinsky “terrorist apologist”, I really don’t understand what does this mean like I don’t understand Bush using Islamofacists, Islamic radicals, Islamic terrorists means which Bzezinsky make is very clear is causing more problems and creating hatred and division. Some people also fault President Bush for what they call increasingly Islamaphobic language that alienates Muslims.

Bzezinsky. “He talks all the time abut the jihadists, Islamic fanatics, Islamic terrorists, the caliphate that is going to be set up. Suppose the president was talking about the IRA terrorists in Northern Ireland, you know, the Irish terrorists, and instead was calling them all the time, the Catholic terrorists, the papist terrorists, the terrorists who are trying to set up a papacy. It would certainly offend many Catholics.”

Brzezinsky also stated that the hatred towards US is due to its foreign polices. There are some idiots who do believe that US foreign policies are not oppressive and they all blame it on terrorists. I was get the advice from one idiot to read some other brainless idiot blog her blog where she has proved it that its not the foreign policies and unjustice of Western Governments is the main cause of terrorist in Middle East and all around the world.

Intelligent assessment of the Muslims hatred towards Bush administration. Anybody in the Bush administration ever try to understand and listen these intelligent people.

Brzezinsky said regarding Iran ambition to be the dominant power in Middle East. “And the president sometimes creates the impression that come what may, he is going to address this issue decisive in the next two years. Which I suspect means only one possibility, war, because to resolve this issue may take longer than two years to negotiate seriously.”

John Roberts end the interview with this statement. Brzezinsky believes that Iran may be as much as a decade away from developing a nuclear weapon if it goes down that road. But one of President Bush’s biggest worries and he doesn’t like to talk about this publicly, is that if Iran doesn’t agree in the near future to give up its nuclear program, Israel may launch a preemptive strike. And if that were to happen, everyone that I’ve talked to about it predicts that consequences would be disastrous.

According to my previous month analysis of the situation where I said that it will be disastrous for US troops in Middle East not only in Iraq and Afghanistan but also the US Military bases in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, UAE.


One Response to “BRZEZINSKY, FORMER NATIONAL SECURITY ADVISER. Jimmy Carter Administration.”

  1. skulb said

    Why anyone would call Brzezinsky a `voice of reason and wisdom`, given his track-record of inflaming US-Russian and US-Chinese relations remains a mystery know only to the author of this article.

    A quick look at various aspects of the Carter years, which were dominated by Brzezinsky, gives anyone a vivid picture of what sort of policies can be expected under Obama. Austerity, techno-pessimism, subversive moves against Russia, Europe, China and Japan and third world depopulation are just a few of the entertaining prospects for the global community in the years to come. Even the risk of nuclear war will not make this `wise`and `reasonable`man change his tune, as demonstrated by his actions in Iran and Afghanistan in 79 and 80. He even brags about this lunacy and seems to regard himself as a statesman for some reason.

    He`s a Strangelove lunatic and the further away he can be kept from power the better.

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