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Conservatives Republicans.

Posted by QB on September 18, 2006

It is very difficult almost impossible to have a decent civilized conversation with Conservative Repubicans as they immediately go into name calling without even try to understand the other person point of view. They all want the whole world to submit themselves to their point of view with no opposition to their stupid policies. They all want the whole world to bow our heads down and start calling the illegal invasion of Iraq the fight on terror and liberation of Iraqis. Republicans have used this faulty logic to win 2002 mid term election 2004 elections and now they are trying to win 2006 mid term election with the same lies and propaganda that Iraq war is the war on terrorism.

They I believe will get away with their lies and keep their majority of the House and Senate because majority of ill informed voters believe that they are better than Democrats in fighting war on terror. There are still 45% of Americans who believe that Saddam had something to do with 9/11 and US actually had find the WMD in Iraq. Democracy become a sham with the majority of voter are so misinformed and uneducated.


6 Responses to “Conservatives Republicans.”

  1. Alright , although I’ll admit we can be tough to talk to sometimes , but so can my mom. And we do want you to agree with what we say but so does Howard Dean , and yes we try to sell you on our mindset , heck Ted Kennedy has been trying to sell us on the story that he did not drown a girl! 🙂

  2. quranbible said

    LOL LOL.

    You make me actually laugh for the first time today. Realy was very pissed off getting labelled “terrorist oppologist”.

    Thank you, We can get along. Actually Howard Dean and Ted Kennedy are very polite truthful politicians.

  3. Oh for sure , Howard Dean , no Chrisitan has worked a hard day in their life , heck tell that to Jesus ! Talk about a hard day’s work .
    1. Getting Beaten
    2. Being Nailed to a Cross
    3. Having the Sins of the World on your mind
    4. Having to come BACK to LIFE !

    And Ted Kennedy , all I can I think of is him at the dinner table , thats when his ugly side must appear ” GIVE Me MORE FOOD ” 🙂

  4. quranbible said

    Religion to me is very personal matter. A good person of any faith is more respectable than one who share my own faith with bad attitude.

  5. samrocha said

    Hi, thanks for your kind words, I would be honored to have you link to my humble post… cheers!

  6. quranbible said

    Thank you my friend I will add it to my post on Pope.

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