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Afghanistan and Iraq wars.

Posted by QB on September 18, 2006

I posted few comments on the conservative blogger that US has already lost the war in Afghanistan and Iraq who are so in favor of Bush stupid stay on the course policy.

The latest news four Canadians soldiers killed today in Afghanistan with Nato claiming to killed 400 Talibans. Associated Press reporting 40 deaths in Iraq.

The situation is not under control of NATO and US and its allies in Afghanistan and Iraq. The violence killings will continue as long as the US and NATO insists to keep these countries under occupation. Afghans fight Russian occupation for ten years and they have the will to keep their resistance alive for decades to come. Iraq will not turn into a peaceful democracy under occupation instead the violence will continue there as well with active resistance to US occupation.

Politically US did not gain any advantage by invading Afghanistan and Iraq. Karzai only has the control of Kabul and the Iraqi Prime Minister only control four square mile fortified green zone. Karzai and Nouri al-Maliki are not very popular because they get into power with the support of US occupation military. The support for Talibans are very strong among Afghans and it looks like they will come back to power. Iraqis really don’t have any respect for all these exiles who are holding power and the chances are they will run out of Iraq once again on American tanks and planes.

We are winning the war on terror sounds good and play well with the people who are not analyzing the situation carefully with independent approach but the truth is these wars are creating more terrorists and Al Qaeda support is growing.

There is only one hope that Americans will elect someone very intelligent like Bill Clinton in the next Presidential election to bring them out of Afghanistan and Iraq quagmire. They also have to vote intelligently so the Democrats take over House and Senate in November.


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