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Iraq – Iran – CNN military analyst.

Posted by QB on September 16, 2006

Iraq situation is as bad as it could be with continued violence of bombing and killings. Rumsfled and Dick are attacking Democrats with their old strategy calling them weak on defense and appeasing the fascists. Bush administration has constantly had the habit of coming up with new names for Iraq Resistance without any success. The country with huge Oil reserves has to import Oil for their domestic consumption that’s how bad is the situation on the ground.

CNN start their cheer-leading about Iran invasion just like Iraq. Kitty Pilgrim ask the first question to Brig. Gen David Grange that President Bush said that Iran has to face the consequences and some analysts believe that US will invade Iran and how prepared US military is for such action. Brig. Gen David Grange (Ret) who is a complete idiot who believe that US occupation army is making great progress in Iraq replied with the his typical stupidity that military is prepared and there are many plans on the shelf to pick up and execute if the need be.

It will be a last resort. There is, from your previous segment, it is an issue about what would happen in Iraq with Shia. And that’s something that’s going to eventually have to be taken on, because that’s going to happen anyway. And I think that it’s time to disrupt that Iran meddling in Iraq sooner than later, because it can only get worse.

So I don’t think we should wring our hands about that if we have to do military action in Iran. And there is a series of things to be done, from the obvious of bombing, use of special operation forces, or probably maybe more effective is the use of information warfare to discredit the leadership and the motives of Iran earlier in this campaign of concern than later.

Brig. Gen. David Grange (RET) reponse is complete nonsense. Any US actions which includes air strikes bombing special forces against Iran will be a complete failure. Iran will reply with excessive force to any attack on their nuclear facility with firing their rockets at US Military bases in Iraq and Afghanistan. Iran will send their their militias to fight with Iraqi Shias with US military. Iran will provide support and arms to Talibans to make the US occupation forces life hell in Afghanistan. This David Grange also did not have the capability to analyze the situation that how bad it will be for the US military in Middle East and he also has no ability to analyze that Iran will try to disrupt the Oil supply by controlling the Persian Gulf oil supply.

How easy it would be for Iran to hit US bases in whole Middle East? I believe David Grange has never looked at the Middle East map.


40 Responses to “Iraq – Iran – CNN military analyst.”

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  18. An Iranian said

    Hi dear QB
    I read that Hezbollah group of Lebanon has thirty thousand missiles .after recent war they have recovered themselves properly .They are a group of 5000 people as I heard on the newspapers .What the US think about us ? a country with a lot of experiences and facilities and many people not afraid of their life .Have they forgotten the last war between Iraq and Iran ? We always have been threaten by a lunatic group in USA .we have seen the two previous attacks to Afghanistan and Iraq .We know what will happen to us if we do not resist .Many people in Iran are now beyond the boarders of fear . Western governors made the life horrible to us. They didn’t let us live freely .In fact they have damaged our life . When I look at Iranian children, my tears come out ? what is their fault ? Why should they live like this and why should they die under the bombing of some idiots ,or why should they suffer the economic sanctions ? when I hear the words as democracy, human right and …I really feel horrible .We never confirmed fanatism and terrorism . dear friend believe me if they attack ,we will prepare the real hell for them .You clearly see the result of their policy .Our God is watching them . At the same time sometimes I feel really lucky because I am not them .If the treasures of the whole world is given to me I will not wish to be an American politician .What are these treasures useful for ? how long more shall we stay on the earth ? will we transfer any of these to the other world ? above all ,humanity is the only valuable thing presented to us ? how could we persuade ourselves to kill and f… others life because we want to live better ? how can we neglect that disgusting feeling of hurting others without being ashamed at all . Do you know what is happening to Iraqis? Can you imagine what Saddam Hussein did to our civilians ? can you feel what is happening to Palestinians ? .
    Many western politicians are above 50 .But they think as children .They are destroying their own life too .They are destroying the Americans future too . Just 100 years later non of us are here any more .Why we advertise hate and violence ? Instead why don’t we try to help each other ? If US governors were fair to others ,may be that country was not as rich as now ( though according to the information , bankruptcy is really serious to that country ) but nations loved them and they could be successful .There is no need to kill others to live .every one of us need certain facilities and life has given enough to all of us provided that a united and vise common thinking exists .
    I am really surprised with ignorance of Western governors .They will totally loose if they keep proceeding in their present path .

  19. QB said

    Iranian Friend,

    Agree with you and understand your point of view.

  20. Britney said

    The site\’\’s very professional! Keep up the good work! Oh yes, one extra comment – maybe you could add more pictures too! So, good luck to your team!

  21. Ricky said

    What are we supposed to believe about the Holy Bible? Is it still the same? Do we believe everything in it? What does Quran say about the Bible?

  22. American Chaplain discovers the truth.
    What is the Bible – REALLY?

  23. Mike said

    The Bible is the living Word of God. He is the writer.

  24. Nusaklo said

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  25. Xenophile said

    To all the peoples of the World are we really this stubborn, prideful, vane, selfish. Are we really to the point of “Whatever you say or do will bounce off of me and come back to you”. Please tell me that we have not become a Pee Wee Herman Special.
    What is the Bible, what is the Qur’an, what is the vedas? the tora? These where Books writen after the Death of the one who supposedly wrote or said these things. How? Why? I have never known or heard of any stories where Ghosts came back just to write Bestselling Novels (wait…. actually I did! The Bible, The Qur’an, The Tora, The Tanakh etc..etc..) These are questions that in some parts of the world might get a laugh and in others, they might cause your death.
    Religion as in the old Jerusalem where we all lived in peace no matter where you came from or where you were going, we tried to put our differences aside and live for ourselves and our families and not try to impose our belief’s on others.
    Now we live with the answer to all you prayers are 100 virgins when you die, is the answer to your dreams? What? have women, Truly no value! in that religions pages.
    Or if you give 15% of your worldly treasures to the church you shall be sent straight to Heaven? seriously? Is heaven that cheap?
    Not all life is created equal, but all life should be treated equally.
    We all ask for Respect in some way. Wether it is spoken or not, we strive for respect from our Peers, loved ones, friends, and neighbors, but do we sometime think to respect in return.
    There are people all over the world sufferring, but somehow (which I can go into truly horrendous detail, will leave for another time) they have come to associate there sufferring to some foreign power.
    They should first look into themselves, their country, their politicians, their beauracaucy. And see the horrible truth, Their country is murdering them and not some outside power. Who drives the Mercedes down the street whith a convoy of outriders with machine guns for protection? Who will not leave his country for fear of being arrested by the United Nations (not even diplomatic immunity can help these people).
    We are in a WORLD ECONOMY, that means more than people understand or wish too. Small countries can not be allowed to do harm to themselves anymore. Big Countries can not just pick up and go invade another country to take over that countries borders. We are all watched. If any Country tried to go all Luny.. The rest of world would put a stop very quickly, the days of What happens in one part of the world will not affect another part are over. We must learn to stand together no matter what our differences or we shall fall alone.

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  33. biy from england said

    HI, iranian friend is just SO RIGHT!
    i completely agree with you. But there is nothing we can do in our cruel countries, people dont have the power of telling their government what to do and even cannot complain!

  34. Farhang Adib said

    Dear friend QB
    I was reading my comment written one year ago as “an Iranian” on this post.
    Now USA is experiencing serious economical difficulties. Obama has been selected as the new US president. Israel is faced to a lot of problems. Other countries , mostly westerns have the same problems. Lots of changes are happened in the world. Evidences and Predictions are showing themselves so clearly. But governors still act Stupidly. May be they have realized that they have been in the wrong path. May be time is needed for the fundamental global changes.
    We should know that according to the scientists findings, the Global Warming is entering into the irreversible phase .Even now could be late for any compensation . We can not fight against this new very powerful enemy if we always try to create wars and hates among ourselves.
    All the readers of my comment do please go and find the book :
    Into the Greenhouse World
    By Jermy Rifkin with Ted Howards
    I strongly recommend this book and similar to the readers.

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  38. Zarampan said

    Interesting views expressed. I am currently writing a piece exploring the American consolidation of an empire in the Middle East and the perceived difficulties its leaders have encountered. What is fascinating is the complexity of the Middle Eastern system and the exacerbation of such a dangerous dynamic by the attempt to project American hegemony in the region.

    Considering that the US is still present in the area and now the focus has shifted back toward Afghanistan and away from Iraq I wonder what the future will hold for other neighbouring states and US imperialism.

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  40. Anonymous said

    Your a Dumbass…Im a Republican and an Iraq War Vet..You Are a pussy…I say this becuase you have no clue what it is like to earn anything…do not attack my intelligence or whatever liberal jargon you can muster to make up for your liberal agenda…Bush was a good president and did more than your Obama who has turned us into a welfare state…

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