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They hate our way of life, our freedom and democracy? Not Really!!!

Posted by QB on September 15, 2006

They hate our way of life, our freedom and democracy? Not Really!!!

CDF my friend if you believe that the majority of world hate America because your way of life, your freedom and democracy than you have no idea who you are dealing with just like Bush. The phrase Bush use twisting and turning his lips and expression “they hate us because of our way of life, our freedom and our democracy” really make me laugh because this is the most stupid analysis. Bush with MBA degree is very accurately called “Moron”, he really is the most stupid idiot I have ever seen with MBA degree.

Osama Bin Laden has a engineering degree and Ayman Al Zahawari is medical doctor by profession. They are very smart and intelligent more intelligent than Bush who is playing in their hands. Than you might be listening the self proclaimed terrorism expert like Peter Bergen considered to be the topmost analyst on CNN payroll. The fact is that Peter Bergen has not analyzed the situation correctly and really did not understand Osama Bin Laden.

All my knowledge about Al Qaeda Osama Bin Laden and Ayman Al Zahawari is based on CNN reporting. It is the US News Network which make Osama Bin Laden and Al Qaeda a famous household name. I never met Osama Bin Laden like Perter Bergen self proclaimed terrorism expert and I have no intention of meeting him ever because he will kill me instantly because my understanding of Islam is from within Qur’an. I am not a religious scholar, I have no religious education, keep this in mind.

Osama Bin Laden first turned against US when Saudi government ask them for their protection against Saddam Hussein in 1992. According to media reports he offered Saudi government to protect the land with his Mujahideen. Osama Bin Laden request was turned down by Saudi government and with the arrival of US troops in Saudi Arabia make him angry that he started criticising the government. Saudi Arabia Monarch do not allow freedom of speech and disagreements on their policies. Osama Bin Laden was asked to leave the country and he went to Sudan and then to Afghanistan with burning desire to take revenge of both Saudi government and USA. Osama Bin Laden was able to build its own because of his money. Osama Bin Laden declared jihad against USA and the only way to have a direct confrontation with the US military was to make them come to Afghanistan. Osama attacked embassies in Africa, bombed USS Cole hoping that US will attack Afghanistan but did not get the results what he wanted because US had a very intelligent President Bill Clinton.

Osama Bin Laden hit the two towers but this time Bush was American President a devout Christian with very low intelligence. The whole world was behind USA on 9/12 including Muslims. Bush ruined this by his stupidity as he called it will be a “crusade” and he did exactly what Osama Bin Laden wanted him to do invade Afghanistan. Osama Bin Laden with Ayman Al Zahawri Mullah Omar went into hiding with all their Mujahideen which was projected by the greatest victory on “war on terror” by Bush administration and the American news networks.

Afghanistan went into background because Bush decided to invade Iraq with connecting it to 9/11 and WMD and this is the greatest favor they did to Osama Bin Laden proving him to be correct that US is the enemy of Muslims and Islam. Iraq become the major battle field and I really don’t have any resources to verify this but according to my analysis Osama Bin Laden Mujahideen went to fight Americans in Iraq with very little resistance in Afghanistan. When the situation in Iraq gone out of control of US military they diverted some of their resources and manpower into Afghanistan where Nato and US military is facing a fierce fight. Opium crop cultivation which was destroyed by Taliban is the main source of their financing. Osama Bin Laden must be very happy to have Bush in White House who is acting like a puppet in his hands.

US has the most unfavorable opinion in Muslim countries, Europe, South America, Cuba because of its oppressive policies and unconditional support of Israel.

Bush or any other President can change this hatred without revising its foreign policies. US is very tough on enforcing UN Resolutions by force in Muslim countries must now do force Israel to implement the UN Resolutions. Israel is the only country which is in violation of all UN Resolutions. This will hurt Al Qaeda and Osama Bin Laden immediately and with the time they will find no way to have new recruits.


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