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Cuba – Non Aligned Summit.

Posted by QB on September 15, 2006

Following are some quotes from news report from Cuba.

“(Fidel) is walking, singing, he even sang a song…. I saw him well enough to play baseball again, almost….” Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, a friend and ally of Castro, told reporters before a speech during which he blasted the United States.

States including Cuba, Venezuela, Bolivia and Iran appeared keen to use the summit to forge a broad front of countries opposed to the United States on issues ranging from ideology, nuclear power and oil.

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said in response to a question about whether his country could reach an agreement on its nuclear program at a U.N. General Assembly meeting next week: “I’m going to New York to answer these questions before the United Nations.”

Venezuela would come to Iran’s support if it was invaded as it would do the same for Cuba, he said, telling a group of G-15 presidents including Zimbabwe, Algeria and Raul Castro: “Imperialism goes against Iran and it would go against us all.”

“The American empire is in decline. Nobody can deny that. It’s clear,” he said earlier.

Any anti-U.S. agenda will likely cause discomfort among the leaders of states at the summit such as Pakistan, India and the Philippines who have forged closer ties with Washington over security since the Sept. 11 attacks.

Some 116 nations make up the movement, comprising more than half of the membership of the United Nations and a variety of national viewpoints.

In other comments, Chavez also accused the U.S. of denying visas for some of his aides for his upcoming trip to New York for the U.N. General Assembly. The U.S. State Department said some of the applications were submitted late and some applicants were not Venezuelan citizens.

Fidel Castro meet with Kofi Annan today and gave the UN chief an autographed Cuban edition of the book “100 Hours with Fidel,” by French-Spanish author Ignacio Ramonet.

Associated Press Writer

HAVANA (AP) – Fidel Castro will host a dinner for visiting leaders of Nonaligned Movement nations this week in what would be his first public appearance since his surgery more than a month ago, according to an updated schedule released Sunday.

Bits and pieces from different reports.

Non aligned nations summit helped the nations to develop good dipolomatic economic and social relations. The positive outcome of this summit was that Indian Prime Minister and Pakistan President agree to have dipolomatic talks. Iranian President build up very good relations with Venezualian President Hugo Chavez and Cuba. Hugo Chavez is charmastic leader who is more popular in South America and he also is the most pouplar President in Middle East and the Muslim world.

I wish Fidel Castro speedy recovery so he can come back and take the Presidential responsibilites. I have great respect and regard for Fidel Castro, Hugo Chavez, Che Gevera with their revolution efforts in South America. Maybe one day Che Gevera dream come true of One South America by rest of the countries joining in close economic social ties like Hugo and Castro.


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