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U.S. official warns on Afghanistan opium!!!

Posted by QB on September 13, 2006

KABUL, Afghanistan – Opium cultivation in Afghanistan is spiraling out of control, rising 59 percent this year to produce a record 6,100 tons — nearly a third more than the world’s drug users consume, the U.N. said Saturday. Yahoo News.

This is the only progress Afghanistan has made under US invasion and occupation. Talibans were very strict on opium cultivation and had destoryed the drug business.

Way to go. Freedom on the march. Afghans are liberated.


2 Responses to “U.S. official warns on Afghanistan opium!!!”

  1. Brian said

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  2. Anon said

    t’s funny how Middle Easterners act as if they are better than the West (which they claim is imperialistic, corrupt and godless), yet a significant portion of the population of Afghanistan is involved in the production of one of the most addictive and harmful drugs known to man. They do this in violation of the law and their religion, just because it makes more money than growing crops. People of all religions are willing to set aside their religious beliefs when it is convenient. No one should think that they are better than anyone else just because they follow a different religion. This goes for the non-Abrahamic religions, like Hinduism, Buddhism and Paganism, and for atheism, too.

    Unfortunately, the evil ways of the drug producers will cause all of Afghanistan to suffer. Afghanis are starting to use the heroin instead of just making it. Also, those who inject it have started spreading HIV. Most of the blood banks in Afghanistan do not screen for HIV, and there has already been an outbreak traced to one of them. In addition, prostitution is on the rise and will only get worse because men who grow and smuggle opium will have more money to spend on prostitutes, and there will be more prostitute because drug users will do it to get money for drugs. You do not have to do anything wrong to be infected. You might get it from a blood transfusion, by getting raped or from your husband or wife. Also, mothers will give it to their unborn children. In a few years Afghanistan could have an infection rate rivaling sub-Saharan Africa. Finally, the West is not going to put up with Afghanistan being the “heroin basket” of the world, which will lead to fighting and possibly sanctions, which will cause more suffering for Afghanis. They would be wise to stop growing opium and to report those who do.

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