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Nic Robertson CNN Senior International Correspondent.

Posted by QB on September 13, 2006

Nic CNN Senior International Correspondent reach to the wrong conclusion that the children who memorize Qur’an in Madarsas become the jehadis. Paual Zahn was very impressed with Nic stupidity and making her understand that Qur’an is the source of all evil.

Nic this is for you information that there is no Chapter in Qur’an which is related to Jihad. There are verses related to Jihad with very clear instructions that Muslims must avoid the war of aggressions. Muslims are commanded to defend their land and their homes when get attacked. The laws of war in Old Testament are more inhumane when compared to Qur’an. Nic have you ever read your own Bible? The destruction of cities, killing of women and children, killing all the civilians burning the cities when they were conquered and US and Israel are still fighting the wars according to Bible.

Nic what do you expect when US and Britain invade a sovereign nation based on lies? Submit themselves to oppressive occupation without Resistance.

My advice to CNN all news anchors and reporters is to get some education about Islam and stop spreading misinformation to boast their ratings. All news anchors including Wolf Blitzer, Paula Zahn, Anderson Cooper, Nic Robertson, Christiane Amonpour and the most radical Lou Dobbs who need some serious eduction who is a racists and fundamentalist Christian.


2 Responses to “Nic Robertson CNN Senior International Correspondent.”

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  2. MM said

    I’d just add that Nic Robertson is very willing to cover many troubled areas in the world without any previous preparations. His conclusions are based only on visuals. He spent 3 years in Sarajevo and he “saw” Muslims as vicitms only, and he is an intelectual and educated person used to think analytically. What I’m trying to say that 99% US & UK journalists never report objectively, they are biased, and represent a disgrace for our profession. Mrs. Fallachi would be probably ashamed.

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