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Bush using 9/11 again for political gains.

Posted by QB on September 13, 2006

I did not watch Bush speech last night for the reason have no stomoch for his lies. Bush again used 9/11 to justify their invasion of Iraq with lies because it worked with the majority of American who are not educated and it goes well with the radical Christians who are supporting the conflicts in Middle East for their religious belief that it will bring back Jesus and they will have their rapture.

Iraq was no threat to US and had no links to 9/11 or Al Qaeda because of his secular views. Bush tried to project Saddam Hussein as the mass murderer killing Kurds as also a propaganda which supported by CIA reports. Bush numbers will go up with this speech as there are still 45% Americans who believe that Saddam Hussein has some kind of connection with 9/11 and US find the WMD in Iraq. This will help them to keep their majority in both houses of Congress in November. Mission accompolised.


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