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Saddam Hussein trial.

Posted by QB on September 13, 2006

2558347835_saddam.jpgSaddam Hussein is facing all sorts of trials by the illegal occupation forces and its puppet exiled Iraqi government. The trial can’t be fare and meet the requirement of justice under occupation and their planted government.

Saddam Hussein is on trial for Kurds massacre in 1988. There are reports that it was Iranian who gased those kurds not Saddam by CIA investigation. Bush and Blair use Kurds massacre linking it to Saddam to justify their invasion.

A War Crime or an Act of War?
by Stephen C. Pelletiere

Saddam Could Call CIA in His Defense
by Sanjay Suri


Myths and misconceptions about Iraq
By Bryan Keefer, Ben Fritz and Brendan Nyhan

There are plenty of independent reports which provide evidence that Saddam Hussein did not use chemical weapons on his own people. Bush use this lie as a justification to invade Iraq and majority of Americans went with these lies without knowing the truth. The situation in Iraq is chaos destruction and killings after US invasion and the blame is on Bush and Blair shoulders.

A defiant Saddam Hussein shouted at prosecutors and refused to enter a plea Monday at the opening of his second trial, where he faces charges of genocide and war crimes connected to his scorched-earth offensive against Kurds nearly two decades ago.


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